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Get Noticed.
Get traffic.
Get sales.

Interactive solutions for Marketers,
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Create an interactive brand awareness campaign in minutes and boost your sales

Geddit Play makes it easy to design and build unique, real-world challenges and treasure hunts so you can connect with your audience and grow your business.

Media & Agencies

Geddit provides you with the platform and tools to take your content over the top (OTT)

Increase engagement
Own your customer data
Turn customers into fans


Integrate live streaming and video hosting into your media workflow and expand your capabilities

Increase Marketing ROI
Boost content engagement
Drive loyalty & app usage


Enjoy a complete online video platform for hosting, monetising and delivering unique versions of your content on any device, worldwide

Drive renewals & reduce churn
Build loyalty & app usage
Save months of custom dev time

Attract & engage users. Interactive streaming in your app.

Geddit Live allows you to drive audience engagement using live interactive games in your own custom app.

Our SDK (Android & iOS) lets you run live host game-shows using your own content. Scalable, proven format & tech solution. No coding required

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Understand your customers better

Own your customer data and use analytics to optimise your strategies. Unique opportunities for custom profiling and targeting.

For Marketers

Boost your content engagement

  • Increase Marketing ROI
  • Grow subscriptions and customer lifetime value
  • Drive loyalty and app usage
  • Increase engagement and overall adoption
  • Drive renewals and reduce churn

Many Solutions

Geddit Interactive is a mixed media platform for the distribution of interactive content.

Our goal is to use the best technology to engage viewers in ways that traditional TV can not, elevating viewers from being spectators to playing an active part of the plot.

Geddit Play   Geddit Live

Low Latency, stable tech solution

We strive to provide you with the best quality, and most cost efficient streaming tech out there.

We've created super stable, low latency live streaming tech that you can use to engage with your users in a multitude of ways.


We’re making it possible for anyone to create interactive live video.


Building solid relationships and supporting each other in overcoming challenges within our team has always been one of our core values.

Our team dynamic has been an essential component to our success and will continue to grow as we reach for the stars. We work hard, we play hard, and we love every moment of it.

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Geddit Culture

Traveling to Thailand 🇹🇭? Here are 5 Rules to Live By

Geddit Live's Technical Director Songtham gives some essential tips on travelling to Thailand, and how different it is than his home in San Francisco.

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