Geddit: The Game Changing App Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

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Connecting consumers and retailers with games and prizes Tulsa US – September 31st 2023 / WebbDesignz / Oslo, Norway – A new dawn in the digital marketing arena is set to emerge with the launch of Geddit – the latest and most innovative marketing app available for Android and Apple phone users. Bridging the gap between traditional marketing […]

Geddit USA Launches Game-Changing Platform For Gamified Marketing

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Unleashing the Future: Geddit USA’s Pioneering Step into Gamified Marketing Tulsa US – October 19th 2023 / GEDDIT USA / In recent years, the advertising landscape has undergone significant changes. Gone are the days when static billboards and short commercials were the go-to mediums. Now, interactive platforms are gaining traction, and at the helm of this transformation is Geddit USA. […]

Bridging Realms: Geddit USA’s Mobile Gaming, Digital Marketing Fusion

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Revolutionizing Brand Interaction: Geddit USA’s Blend of Gaming and Digital Outreach Tulsa US – October 2nd 2023 / GEDDIT USA /   In a digital age where the battleground for consumer attention has become fiercely competitive, Geddit USA steps in as a game changer, literally. Unveiling a ground-breaking platform, Geddit USA harmoniously converges mobile gaming with digital marketing, setting a new trajectory […]

Geddit Play 3.0

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Geddit Play 3.0 Outside of China, Apple and Google control more than 95 percent of the app market. Where Google play is the biggest with their 2.5 billion users. At Google Play the most downloaded category of apps is by far games. We at Geddit have decided to release Geddit play at Google Play first. […]